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Veora Multi Wipes Glomesh Grill Brick GSGBRICK Glitterbug GBGLBGL3 Glomesh Handbug GBHNB003 Glitterpads HKGLP Sponge Scourer SS640GSK HN640


BASTION - Wipes Roll Holder provides an efficient & hygienic method of storing & dispensing roll wipes. Individually wrapped with mounting screws. White powdercoated steel. Suitable for 45m & 65m rolls

Order Code: BWR1H

$17.50 each

GLOMESH - Stainless Steel Scourer Premium stainless steel open weave for particle removal and ease of cleaning. Ideal for food prep and production areas. Resistant to alkanline chemical cleaners

Order Code: SST40070

$27.50 Box of 10

GALA - Standard Grade Sponge Scourer which is highly effective economy pack of 10. 150 x 100 mm

Order Code: SS640GSK  

$13.50 Pack of 10

VEORA - Everyday Multi Wipes on a Roll Non-woven fabric, sheet Size: 45m (L) x 30cm (H), weight: 70 GSM, HACCP certified for food-safe. Heavy duty multipurpose cleaning wipes, easy tear off & highly absorbent

Order Code: 22601B(Blue) 22602G(Green)

$17.90 per roll


GLOMESH - Thinline Commercial Grade GREEN Scourer Pad Non-rust. Flexible to conform to cracks and crevices. Picks up dirt and food particles. Quick washout. Easy on hands. W150 x D100

Order Code: HN640

$7.00 Pack of 10





BASTION - HandiWipes High quality & strength, wood pulp fibre & polyester composition. Excellent absorbtion with liquids, fats, oils & grease. Convenient carry box opens both ends for ease of use 30cm x 50cm sheets.

Order Code:BHW2122

$27.50 Box of 150 wipes

Janitorial - Scourers & Wipes

Bastion Wipes Roll Holder BWR1H Bastion HandiWipes BHW2122 SABC-230 and SABC-235 - Stainless Steel Scourer

Prices include GST - Exclude Delivery

GLOMESH - Handbug Plastic trowel-type handle moulded to a rigid base. Strong, hygienic, easy to clean with strips of hooks to hold pad in place. Use to hand scrub hard-to-reach areas; stairs and risers, under furniture and in corners. Comes complete with three Glitterpads. 240 x 100mm

Order Code: GBHNB003

$17.50 each

GLOMESH - Glitterpads Regular Use with Glitterbug or Handbug scrubbing tools. Various grades of scourers available. 250 x 115mm, nominal 25mm thick.

Order Code: HKGLP

$2.00 each

GLOMESH - Glitterbug Strong all nylon hand scrubber. The plastic socket takes a standard broom handle and connects to the plate with a plastic swivel-action hinge. Strips of hooks hold the pads in place. Use on all hard floors and baseboards. Comes complete with three Glitterpads. 225 x 95mm

Order Code: GBGLBGL3

$17.50 each

GLOMESH - Grill Brick For cleaning dirty, residue encrusted grills and griddle plates. Can be used safely on hot grills without scratching or lifting the grill cure.

Order Code: GSGBRICK

$19.50 each

OATES - Industrial Superwipes 38 x 40cm Multi purpose cloth, Antibacterial properties help inhibit germs , Use wet or dry, Durable and re-usable

Order Code: HW-003Y(yellow) HW-003B(Blue)  (20Pk)

Oates Industrial Superwipes