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GENTLE - Concentrated Apple Scent Fabric Softener is ideal for hand or dispensing systems, fortified with flourescent brighteners to produce lustrous whites and colours. Effectively provides fresh softness to fabrics. Prevents static cling. Helps prevent linting and machine wear on textiles. Reduces extraction and drying times. $71.50 20L

AQUASOLV - Emulsifier is a highly effective non-flammable water based emulsifier which enhances the removal of greasy and oily deposits when used in conjunction with our range of alkalis and detergents.  Ideal for all linen classifications and for dispensing by automatic liquid feed systems.

$92.40 20L

TWILIGHT - Liquid Laundry Detergent with Optical Brighteners is a special combination of highly concentrated industrial detergents and builders that act to hold dirt and soil in suspension, preventing wash-back which causes dullness and greying. The result is your wash is cleaner & stays brighter.

$82.50 20L

SOUR SOFT - Concentrated Softener & Sour is a concentrated fabric softener and sour that neutralises residual alkalinity. Apple Scent

$71.50 20L

GREASE OFF - Water Based Degreaser is a heavy duty water based degreaser designed to remove oils, carbon and grease from all surfaces except aluminium.

$27.50 5L - $82.50 20L

CH3 - Economical Commercial Laundry Powder is an economical lemon scented blue laundry powder especially designed for all types of machines.  It has its own built in water softeners and is suitable in both hot and cold water.

$49.90 20kg Bag

LIQUID BREAKWASH - Laundry Alkaline Builder is used to increase alkalinity in commercial washes for a more aggressive soil dispersion.

$86.90 20L

COLOUR BRIGHT - Commercial Laundry Powder With Oxy is a superior concentrated laundry powder containing sequestrant power to counter water hardness and wetting agents to penetrate fibres & speed up chemical action. Added oxygen will cleanse and brighten your clothes in one wash cycle. May also be used as a pre-soaker on heavily soiled garments such as nappies and work wear. $88.00 20kg Bag

ENZYMATIC - Commercial Laundry Powder with added Enzymes is an enzyme powdered blend of synthetic detergents especially designed for commercial laundries.  It is also suitable for domestic use in both hot and cold water.

$97.30 20kg Bag

CHLORSAN - Linen Stain Remover  is a premium quality chlorinated linen stain remover. Used on white fabrics only.

$115.50 20kg

UNIVERSE - Antibacterial Laundry Powder Sanitiser & Whitener is a highly effective laundry powder with antibacterial action for soaking nappies etc. A safe replacment for chlorine bleach it may be used on all fabrics and colours. Eliminates mildew, laundry odours and stains. Prevents yellowing caused by excess iron in wash water. $110.00 20kg Bag

Chemicals - Laundry Care

ATTACK - Commercial Breakwash Powder is a highly concentrated non-caustic alkali breakwash containing water conditioning agents for all hard water areas. Suitable for all fabrics except woollens and delicates.

$82.90 20kg Bag

ENZYMO - Concentrated Enzyme Laundry Powder concentrated 100% active enzyme boosted powder. Strong appealing fragrance. Order Code: 52353

$57.00 15kg Box

Aquasolv CH3 Chlorsan Colour Bright Enzymo Enzymatic Liquid Breakwash Twilight Gentle Grease Off Gentle

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LAUNDRY STARCH - Glacier S58 Laundry Starch is formulated specifically for commercial laundering. It is a fine white powder, free from lumps, specks and foreign matter.

Order Code: S58

$84.70 25kg Bag

Manildra S58 Starch Colour Bright Enzymatic