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HEAVY DUTY INDUTRIAL CLEANER - Attacks Petroleum Based Oil & Grease Heavy Duty Powerful multi enzyme formula. Attacks all dirt and grime including petroleum oils, greases. Perfect for cleaning concrete floors, toilets and barbecues.

Order Code: EWHD20L - $304.70 20L

NO-RINSE FLOOR CLEANER- No Floor Scrubbing MOP n GO pH Neutral formula for all floor surfaces. Leaves floors cleaner and safer. Uses Mop & Go technology for fast cleaning. Tougher than caustic products. Destroys odours at the source. Usable in mop buckets, automatic machines and foaming equipment.

Order Code: EWFC5L - $45.00 5L



CARPET CLEANER - All-Purpose Carpet Spot Remover is a unique enzyme formula that works on removing the stain for up to seven days. The solution is neutral pH therefore it won't damage the fibres of the carpet. Removes Ink, dirt and grime, pet stains, general food stains.Can also be used for general odour removal by spraying or soaking the source.

Order Code: EWCS5L - $45.00 5L

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