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Handihome Soap Dispenser One hand push-button convenience Unique design for easy refill. The transparent reservoir (500ml) allows you to see when a refill is needed. Then just lift the lid and pour in more solution. Easy installation. 225mm x 82 x 75

Order Code: LIQ1

$18.90 each

Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser - Vertical 1.1 litre capacity with sight glass to check level, Versatile – takes liquid or lotion, Service key and tough construction deters vandals, Stainless steel.

Order Code: BSOS4040 - Vertical Design

Order Code: BSOS4020 - Horizontal Design

$71.75 each


Gala - White ClearVu Encore Soap Dispensers 840ml Capacity Regular (Non-pumice). Removable from backplate for easy refilling. Order Code: BSOC9330 - $52.65 each

Order Code: BSOC9335 - Foam Soap - $56.65 each

Chemicals - Dispensing Equipment

Gala Encore Soap Dispenser Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser Horizontal Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser Vertical

Prices include GST - Exclude Delivery


HAND DOSE PUMPS  - 30ml dispense rate Hand pump suitable for thick and grit based products, Caged ball valves to handle a variety of product viscosities.  

Order Code: L38-30-PT-281 - Fits 5L Containers - $12.80 each

Order Code: L58-30-V-400-Cube - Fits 10, 15, 20 & 25L Containers

$16.00 each

5 ltr Pump

DRUM TAP STANDARD Fits into bung hole, used for easy dispensing of liquid.

Order Code: TAP20MMBLK

$2.50 each

VENTED CAP TAP Fits 10, 15, 20 & 25 litre plastic drums (58mm thread), Easy flow pouring due to built in vent.

$15.00 each

Drum Tap Standard Vented Cap

CANYON TRIGGER JET SPRAY BLACK 28mm neck, nozzle orrifice 0.4mm, more than 50,000 continuous trigger pulls. Adjustable from Jet stream to Spray mist. Dip tube length 225mm.

Order Code: CHS-3AN BLUE - $3.90 each

Order Code: CHS-3AN BLACK - Chemical Resistant - $4.40 each 

Canyon Trigger

PLASTIC BOTTLE - Twin Chamber 1 Litre measuring bottle, 120ml graded measure, Dual Pour, Perfect for mixing ratios, 38mm Thread

Order Code: BOTTC

$5.15 each

PLASTIC BOTTLE - 750ml Long Neck 28mm Thread, Grip handle, 750ml capacity.

Order Code: B.750N-AB

$2.00 each

Goose Neck Plastic Bottle Twin chamber bottle

DRUM KEY SPANNER Plastic drum spanner used to open tight drum lids & bungs.

Order Code: SPAN

$9.50 each

Drum Spanner

Dual Liquid Trigger Sprayer The Cyndan Dual Liquid Trigger Sprayer dispenses two liquids simultaneously. Its dilution control dial allows the user to adjust the dilution of the two liquids, making it suitable for a concentrated liquid with various applications dependent upon its dilution rate to water.

$39.60 each

Cyndan Dual Bottle Trigger

PLASTIC LABELLED BOTTLE - colour coded 500 ml bottle used for dispensing common chemicals. Range includes kitchen and housekeeping areas. Each colour represents a different product making identification quick and easy. Triggers sold separately.

$3.00 each

Clean Plus Labelled Bottle