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SABCO - Standard Grade Scourer Pad 23 x 14 cm      

Order Code: SAB-41166 (10Pk)

EDCO TUF - Microfibre Cloth Blue double faced cloth for excellent cleaning results, Reusable, 36cm x 36cm Streak free results

Order Code: 58015 (blue)

SABCO - Food Service Pad Scourer can be used as hand held scourers, or used in conjunction with pad holder for griddle and other surface cleaning 10 x 15 cm

SABC-1855 (green) (10Pk)

EDCO - Super Fine Microfibre Glass Cloth traps particles and oils Smooth weave to glide over glass, use damp or dry with or without chemicals. Washable & Reusable 40 x 40cm

Order Code: 58005

EDCO - Power Pads range is from fine Non scratch polishing to Extra Heavy Duty scrubbing. Use with Edco Power Pad Holders W250 x D115 x H25mm

Order Codes:  18132 (Red) 18127 (Green) 18128 (Black)


Edco Microfibre Cloth Edco Power Pad SABC-1855 - Food Service Pads GREEN SABC-3901B - Millentex Microfibre Cloth BLUE SAB41166 - Standard Grade Scour Pad 23x14cm