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MACHINE GLASS WASH LIQUID - Machine & Manual Glass Washing Detergent eliminates beer, wine, spirits and lipstick stains. Leaves glasses streak free.

$26.40 5L

CRYSTAL - Machine Rinse Additive is a High Grade biodegradable rinse additive designed for use in high temperature dishwashing machines. Provides effective sheeting action preventing spotting and streaking of dishes, glasses and flatware.

$29.50 5L - $92.00 20L

SHOUT - Machine & Manual Glass Washing Detergent is a specially formulated beer glass cleaner based on materials which do not interfere with the foam (head) or the taste of the beer. Shout will  remove stubborn stains such as lipstick.

$74.80 20L

DESTAIN POWDER is an excellent chlorinated soaker & sanitiser used for destaining glassware, china and cutlery. Can be used both manually and in automatic washers.

$36.30 5kg


ICE BERG - Solo Beerline Cleaner is a Heavy Duty alkaline cleaner that cleans and effectively kills germs in equipment such as beer lines and syrup post-mix units.

$38.50 5L

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