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Grease Off

HARBOUR - Industrial Fallout Boat Cleaner containing oxalic acid is an extremely effective cleaner for the boating industry. Effective removal of deposits and soils left on marine craft from pollutants in the air and general soiling associated with boating activities.

$81.40 20L

CRYSTAL CLEAR - Window Cleaner is a premium quality, non ammoniated, streak free, anti fogging, dust repellent, quick dry & cleaning formula. Ideal for all glass & metal surfaces.

$25.30 5L - $82.50 20L

GREASE OFF - Water Based Degreaser a heavy duty water based degreaser designed to remove oils, carbon and grease from all surfaces except aluminium.

$27.50 5L - $82.50 20L

TRUCK WASH - Liquid Car & Truck Wash is a concentrated mixture of anionic and non-ionic surfactants blended for top performance. It generates an active cleaning foam at the brush head and provides lubricity to protect truck finish. Special cleaning agents allow the solution to rinse quickly leaving the surface film free.

$60.50 20L

Chemicals - Auto & Marine

Harbour Truck Wash Crystal Clear

Prices include GST - Exclude Delivery

HURRICANE - Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a high powered 'high alkaline' concentrated liquid. Hurricane penetrates and dissolves all problem soils, grease, tars, fats, waxes and protein substances. Suitable for kitchens, ovens, ranges, rotisseries, exhaust hoods, fans, ducts filters, walls & floors.

$23.10 5L - $69.30 20L